More and more companies are discovering the importance of strengthening human resources and improving the relationship between the well-being of a company and the well-being of its personnel, which means focusing on the concept of “existing well”.

Keope works on the psychophysical dimension of office and factory workers, helping them manage stress, anxiety and a heavy workload. It improves their motivation and focus, which means higher safety at the workplace.

Moreover, many studies have found that most health issues, which cause the loss of many working days every year, concern the spine. When we sit or stand incorrectly for extended periods of time, we can develop a number of skeletal-muscular disorders, in addition to problems related to poor venous circulation.

Through a proper redistribution of body weight and tensions, Keope works on the muscles of the spine and the pelvis, correcting bad posture and reducing the discomfort caused by hernias, lower back pain, cervical pain and backache.

Just 15 minutes are enough for a restorative and healthy break! No special clothes are required and Keope can be used by everyone at any time of the day.

 The well-being gained by the personnel is reflected in an increased level of motivation, energy, enthusiasm, resulting in benefits for the company in terms of better performance, productivity and profits.

 A recent research on Keope by the Spanish armed forces has shown remarkable improvements in aim, focus and balance, which means more effective performance and a lower risk level for all ranks.


What are the benefits?

  • Reduced stress and less muscle tension;

  • Improved posture;

  • Relief from back pain;

  • Improved microcircle functionality;

  • Increased motivation;

  • Recovery from exertion.