Keope is an ergonomic structure with proprioceptive resonance, for a global, peripheral and central systemic  therapy.

The particular ergonomic seat of Keope  and the shape of its supports  (gravitational opposers)  enables you to assume an ideal posture, the only posture on which multifocal mechanical modulation can be applied: in that posture, the body is completely relaxed, the muscles are in a state of rest, the joints are under decreased pressure (Decoaptation) and so the body has higher oxygenation and is more relaxed. The limited number of support points promote venous, arterial and lymphatic circulation.  The structure is fully adjustable to individual sizes.

Decoaptation: It is a normal joint space that allows for better nourishment, blood and oxygen flow to the joint itself.

Keope works exclusively at the skin level, with a maximum insertion of 1 cm in the skin, beyond which the signal is dispersed and becomes completely ineffective, as not to create negative side effects.

Keope is highly effective from the first sessions, as it:

  • corrects postural defects, such as spine curvature disorders, reducing lower back pain, cervical pain and backache;
  • relaxes the muscles, relieving tension;
  • eliminates stress;

During each session, a multidimensional holophonic system consisting of vocal inductions and modulations synchronous to mechanical ones, in addition to representing a psychological treatment, significantly increases the effectiveness of the process of cutaneous proprioceptive stimulation.