Stargate was an idea conceived by Amedeo Maffei, who spent 40 years of his life researching human behavior and the biophysical relationships between the psyche and the body.

The current “Stargate” room, inaugurated in 2013 with 20 Keope sessions, is the latest step in an ever-evolving path of innovation. It uses a global, peripheral and central systemic therapy, provided by Keope together with therapy sessions with Amedeo Maffei.

In addition to the proprioceptive system activation therapy, each station has a sophisticated bio-neurophysiological data gathering system, with a software for the medical history, a multi-monitor system displaying instrumental charts and a database that keeps track of all the improvements.

Keope Stargate - Sala
Keope Stargate - 20 sedute
Keope Stargate - Sala Keope Stargate - 20 sedute