Museum Leonardo da Vinci

Since 2013, Keope GPR has been officially selected by the Pontifical Commission of the Museum of Machines by Leonardo da Vinci as the only invention of the 20th century to be on permanent display in the Museum, placed in a prominent position next to the extraordinary reproductions of the genius of the Italian Renaissance.

The first connection between Keope and Leonardo Da Vinci dates back to June 2, 2013. On that day, a national holiday that celebrates the Italian Republic, Giorgio Starace, the Ambassador to Abu Dhabi, put on display Keope machines at an exhibition on Leonardo da Vinci.

Keope embodies the values of Leonardo’s brilliance and encompasses the four greatest expressions of his genius:

  1. ART: Keope is a machine that immediately strikes you with its look, which is the result of a functional design, recognized by the Museum of Modern Art in New York, where Keope was on display in 2007 and 2008;
  2. MECHANICS: Keope is a machine characterized by mechanical modulation produced by its 10 electric motors coordinated by an electronic brain. Like the machines invented by Leonardo, it is a revolutionary new machine;
  3. POSTURE: Keope has been called the “postural Zen”. Its structure is highly streamlined, so much so that nothing can be removed. Each support acts as a gravitational opposer and anatomically cradles the area of the body that rests there, leaving the body stress-free and ready to undergo multifocal therapies;
  4.  NEUROPHISIOLOGY:  Keope activates motor functions by making the mechanoreceptors in the dermis transduce mechanical modulations through bioelectric messages sent through the skin to the central system that, through the reflection of mirror neurons, remaps the pattern of neuromuscular functionality.

Spanish Army Gold Medal

Spanish Army Gold Medal Award to Amedeo Maffei  for his Keope well-being invention 

On Saturday, November 16, 2019, the Spanish army awarded Amedeo Maffei, the Italian inventor of Keope machines, the “Gold Medal” for his work in the search for tools to improve the performance of the Spanish armed forces in hand-to-hand fighting. This award followed a scientific survey conducted by the Spanish  Army itself in September 2019, whose focus was Keope’s benefits in reducing stress, improving aim, strengthening muscles and increasing pain resistance of the military of the Toledo Infanteria Academy.