Keope Evolution-En

What is it?

Keope EVO is a unique wellness machine created as an evolution of the first Keope GPR model and is based on the same scientific principles.

The stainless steel structure, the perfect insulation that prevents the ground dispersion of modulation, the ergonomic neck support, the new enhanced and upgradeable control unit increase its effectiveness by up to 30%, depending on the programs, compared to the basic Keope GPR model.

Its use is intended exclusively for the health sector or by high-level athletes.

In its PRO version, it can be transported in a fabric and carbon trolley case for use anywhere and for home treatments.

Modelli-Keope-Evolution Modelli-Keope-Evolution-seduta Modelli-Keope-Evolution-Dettaglio

What are the benefits?

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    Postural remodelling
  • null
    Reduced back pain
  • null
    Reduced joint pain
  • null
    Improved lymphatic, venous and arterial circulation
  • null
    Muscular repolarization and decontracture
  • null
    Muscular strengthening
  • null
    Improved athletic performance
  • null
    Post-performance cool-down
  • null
    Shorter rehabilitation times
  • null
     Improved walking and movement control
  • null
    Improved muscle tone in the elderly
  • null
    Elimination of stress
  • null
    Better sleep due to its benefits on the endocrine system

How does it work?

The strengths of this innovative system are:

1. A postural ergonomic structure that puts the body in a state of total relaxation and rest, with less pressure on the joints;
2. Proprioceptive stimulation :  through the proprioceptive channel of the mechanoreceptors, it transforms mechanical modulation into a signal that reaches into the central system, and executes a global systemic intervention on the body and mind;
3. Sound messages created to eliminate circular thoughts and synchronize each proprioceptive sensor to the treatment.




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