Keope is routinely used by athletes of various sport disciplines to prepare the body for performance and accelerate recovery times, thus achieving benefits in terms of performance and competitiveness.

Keope quickly removes lactic acid from the bloodstream and reduces the perception of muscular strain, thanks to the increased microcircle, improved venous circulation and higher oxygen supply.

It is scientifically proven that in just 15 minutes Keope produces an average 84.9% elimination of lactate in athletes who have done a high-intensity physical activity (See the research published in PubMed “Effect of a vibrational proprioceptive stimulation on the recovery phase” – European Journal of Translational Myology – 2019).

At the end of training or sports performance, Keope improves blood flow in the muscles and promotes muscular repolarization, preparing athletes for the next performance and reducing the risk of future injuries and muscle contractures.

In the event of an accident, Keope sessions allow  athletes to reduce rehabilitation times:  the increased microcircle and the release of natural hydrocortisone result in anti-inflammatory action and pain reduction; muscle repolarization reduces contractures; strengthening programs  enable you to maintain a good level of muscle tone, balance and elasticity even in the absence of physical activity.


What are the benefits
for an athlete?

  • Recovery from exertion and removal of lactate in 15 minutes;

  • Increased tone of the gravitational muscles and improved aim and coordination;

  • Better proprioception and balance;

  • Correct posture;

  • Improved joint flexibility;

  • Elimination of stress and higher focus;

  • Accident prevention;

  • Reduced joint and muscle pain;

  • Much shorter rehabilitation times.