Keope is a machine created by science in constant evolution into the future

It is an innovative, dynamic, ergonomic structure created for human well-being. Through mechanical modulation occurring simultaneously with sound messages while the entire body is relaxed and under no stress, the mechanoreceptors are activated as carriers of an intellective signal that reaches into the central system.

This results in a systemic response that creates a totally new form of well-being effortlessly, in a short time and in a very natural way.

The first effect of this innovative treatment is to restore a correct posture within a few minutes. The different programs rebalance and strengthen specific physiological structures, while restoring a good mood, because circular thoughts dissipate.

Keope is suitable for everyone, from teenagers to the elderly, as a beneficial therapy for mobility difficulties and postural issues. It helps athletes improve their performance and recover from exertion or injuries.  By preventing future problems, Keope improves everyone’s quality of life.

The benefits of Keope can be felt from the first session, which on average lasts 13 minutes.

Keope is the only ergonomic structure with proprioceptive resonance protected by international patents