Keope helps to restore balance to our natural neurophysiological system and through mechanical modulation enables us to achieve an ideal posture and full body relaxation; muscles are under no strain and there is less pressure on the joints, which creates a feeling of well-being.

Without any side effects, Keope’s signal is skin-deep and dispersed a few millimeters under the skin.


The particular ergonomic structure of Keope enables us to assume the only ideal posture on which mechanical modulation can be applied: the body is in a state of complete relaxation, muscles are under no strain and there is less pressure on the joints;  as a consequence, nutrients are better absorbed in the joints and muscular pain is greatly reduced.

Even in its stance phase, Keope creates a symmetrical postural redistribution of the body mass and a correct skeletal-muscular balance, which is beneficial to the back and its muscles, because it greatly reduces back pain and tension in the spine and the cervical area.

The limited number of support points allow the body to be suspended almost completely, without any pressure on the skin; this helps the flow of the microcircle, while the position of the ankles, higher than the buttocks, promotes venous, arterial and lymphatic circulation.

The mechanical modulation of Keope EVO works on the support points, where there is the highest concentration of mechanoreceptors, which are sensitive to neurotransmission, and works exclusively on the skin tissue, with a maximum insertion of 1 cm into the skin, beyond which the signal is dispersed and becomes completely ineffective.


In the event of injury and forced rest, Keope is considered a valuable aid to maintain muscle tone and joint elasticity.

In fact, through mechanical modulation Keope reduces rehabilitation times: the increased microcirculation and the release of natural hydrocortisone result in anti-inflammatory action and pain reduction; muscle repolarization reduces contractures; strengthening programs enable you to maintain a good level of muscle tone, balance and elasticity even in the absence of physical activity.


What are the health

  • Postural remodelling;

  • Reduced back pain;

  • Reduced joint pain;

  • Improved lymphatic, venous and arterial circulation;

  • Muscle repolarization and decontracture;

  • Shorter rehabilitation times;

  • Improved walking and movement control.