The idea for Keope originated in the early 1980s, after ten years of therapeutic experiences on human behavior.

Its inventor, Amedeo Maffei, started the Subtle Energy project and set up a futuristic room at Villa Futura equipped with sophisticated machinery for the application of the therapeutic method that he invented.

This is how, after years of research, therapeutic application and monitoring of the impact on human well-being, Maffei laid the scientific foundations of what would be called Global Proprioceptive Resonance.

The apex of Maffei’s 40 years of research is Keope, the first ergonomic structure with proprioceptive resonance.

This revolutionary invention has been the subject of several studies and publications by international universities and research institutions.

Keope was created for a better quality of life and has opened a new direction in the studies on mental and psychophysical well-being.

Keope, working through mechanical modulation applied to specific body areas with an abundance of mechanoreceptors, stimulates global proprioception and provides exceptional results on a broad therapeutic spectrum.

Today, its technology is used to treat mobility and postural problems and to prevent diseases in old age. It is also extremely beneficial in the field of wellness, supports sports preparation and accelerates recovery after physical exertion.


Today, Keope World, through its organization and accredited scientific partners, is an established company committed to four main fronts: research, therapies, training and manufacture.

  • RESEARCH: at the AM Research Centre, the CNR (National Research Center), partner universities and accredited medical centers.
  • THERAPIES: at Keope Authorized Centers, partner universities and accredited sports medicine centers.
  • TRAINING: through high-level training courses on global proprioceptive stimulation and through training courses for Keope operators.
  • MANUFACTURE:  Keope machines are entirely manufactured in Italy.

THE INVENTOR: Amedeo Maffei

Amedeo Maffei has an eclectic and creative mind, but he is also a practical inventor. He has devoted the last 40 years of his life to scientific research and training, bringing life to his ideas for psycho-neurophysiological therapies. 

Amedeo Maffei’s background has a strong focus on the arts, which was essential for the creation of Keope products:

Amedeo Maffei has always been inspired by one profound vocation: exploring the dynamics of the psyche, the mind and their biological effects on the human body.

His forty-five years of experience in human behavior, the physiology of the neuro-muscular system and the dynamics of posture paved the way for the invention of the innovative global therapy on humans: Keope.

Among his countless awards: the Gold Medal for Humanitarian Merits awarded by the Italian Red Cross   (1984); the Johannesburg World Award as the creator of the ideal model for prisons  (Bollate Prison), which he received during his work as a personal adviser to the Minister of Justice, when he was the National Commissioner of Italian Prisons (2003) and the Gold Medal for Military Valor awarded by the Spanish Army  (2019).

He has also written and published numerous essays concerning the dynamics of the psyche and human behavior: The Child and the Unconscious (1981); Thoughts of a Contemporary (1982); Questions to Man (1983); Children of Whom (1998). Several Master’s Degree theses have been written on his work.