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All accredited Keope Centers are facilities operating in different fields that offer Keope treatments.

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General training objectives: exclusively for those who have purchased Keope, the course trains operators and covers the following topics:

  • The correct posture and its impact on well-being;
  • Psycho-electro-chemistry: a new science that helps us understand the connections between the central system and the neuromuscular system, to reach a new concept of health, well-being and psycho-physical balance;
  • Exteroception, interoception and proprioception: scientific contents and practical application;
  • Interoception circuit and neurons with high proprioceptive resonance (mirror neurons);
  • The pathways of stimulation from the mechanoreceptors in the dermis to the central system;
  • The main benefits of proprioceptive resonance stimulation on the muscular system (gravitational muscles and skeletal muscles), the hormonal system, the elderly and their balance, sports performance and joint pain;
  • Keope: principles, applications and results;
  • Scientific publications attesting to the benefits of Keope treatments;

The one-day course is held at the Keope World headquarters, Via di Crippa 11, Sirtori (LC), from 9:30am to 2:30pm.

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Reserved exclusively for Keope operators

General training objectives

  • Advice for proper management of a Keope Center
  • How to give your customers a great first experience with Keope
  • How to best sell Keope treatments
  • Learning about the different programs
  • Understanding the right protocols for the desired benefits 
  • The correct positioning: knowledge and practical tests

The course will be held after the scientific training at Keope World headquarters, Via di Crippa 11, Sirtori (LC), from 3:00pm to 6:00pm

Registration is reserved for those who have purchased Keope

For further information, please email to,or call +39 039 9217578

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