It has by now been noted that our outer appearance depends on our health, state of mind, life style and on how we take care of ourselves, besides our own inner peace. Vice versa it can also be affirmed that the aesthetic appearance clearly hinges on the psycho-physical well-being of the person, on the imagination, on self perception and on social and emotional relationships.  Non-aesthetic and physical defects, in fact, often constitute a major motive for psychological problems, inadequacy and frustration, linked to fear of comparison and judgement of others. This brings into primary focus the importance of a new way to approach aesthetics, less tied to the ephemeral  concepts of form, appearance and vanity.

It introduces a new more positive idea of “well-being” and “beauty” associated with feeling well and fitness. It is in this field, in the care and treatment of dysfunctions associated with aesthetic problems, that Keope GPR can constitute a valid therapy, guaranteeing immediate and enduring benefits.
Keope GPR modulation, working through specific frequencies, penetrates the first millimetres of the skin’s tissue, improving the circulation, optimising the synthesis of collagen and elastin, aiding  the firming, toning and elasticity of the skin. This process translates as the raising of tissue that has yielded over time and to lessening the structural yielding of the face, neck and décolletage. The muscle tone is brought to an optimal physiological level, resulting in a hypotonic state, beneficial in  slowing down wrinkles and visible anti-aging results.

Nevertheless, despite everything, human aging takes place in ways and in rhythms, and with different consequences, strictly depending on diet, life style, physical activity and capacity to deal with stress. Strong emotions, worries, anxiety, irregular rhythm of life and stress are among the factors responsible for the early appearance of wrinkles. Keope GPR, promoting psycho-physical relaxation, guarantees the lowering of stress, re-establishing a level of serenity and inner balance.
Through its capacity to restore the correct function of the microcirculation, facilitating veno-lymphatic return and counteracting vascular stasis, Keope GPR also has applications in the treatment of tissue alterations, primarily cellulite. Keope GPR’s stimulation of the saphena promotes a vaso-motor effect that translates as a more rapid draining of liquid, a more effective  elimination of toxins and a stimulation of fibre elasticity, as well as a sensation of lightness in the legs.

Besides this, Keope’s modulation penetrates the tissue to a depth of a few millimetres, providing  for the re-absorption of redundant liquid and moving fatty deposits, reshaping their volumes. As  explained by Prof. Francesco Coscia, specialist in internal medicine and sports medicine, “muscular hypotonic is recovered in an optimal way if we work on the part that commands the muscle, not just on the muscle itself. Keope increases muscle tone, not by acting directly on the muscle, but also by stimulating the physiology of the muscle. With Keope the reactivation of the “proprioceptor – nerve – muscle” system repolarises the muscle fibres rendering them more elastic.”
The inclusion of Keope GPR therapy within slimming programmes can finally offer a means of valid and effective aid, not only in terms of firming, toning, draining of tissues and recovery post physical exercise, but also in terms of improved mood, perception, knowledge and control of the body itself.

The enormous potential to use Keope GPR in the field of aesthetics is closely tied to its capacity to stimulate both the peripheral system and the central nervous system offering a physiological answer to a large therapeutic spectrum.  Keope GPR’s therapy strategy has no side effects and offers the patient a delightful, relaxing and effective treatment. It involves only the superficial layers of the skin therefore is not invasive as a therapy and carries no risks in cases of poor veno-lymphatic and/or capillary fragility.