40 years of research and results on human well being.. Amedeo Maffei ‘s invention – from it’s origins to a new science.

The Keope miracle was conceived by Amedeo Maffei, who has spent the last 40 years of his life dedicated to research into human behaviour and the biophysical relationship between psyche and body. The futuristicly named Stargate room in the reseach centre of Villa Futura in Sirtori, is fitted out with sofisticated machines that both carry out the therapies that he developed , and measure and record the results.
These two core elements– therapy and research, formed the base of a science that many years later became defined as Global Proprioceptive Resonance.
The pinnacle of this study is today represented at Keope GPR in the form of the first ergonomic structure or device for proprioceptive resonance. Keope GPR is a unique product that shows results after a therapy session of only 12 minutes, offering the scientifically proven benefits of global proprioceptive resonance.

The headquarters of the Reasearch Centre and Keope World is located in Sirtori, in the heart of Brianza, inside Villa Futura, a castle was built 1200 years ago by Princess Teodolinda, queen of the Longobardi. Today Keope World, through it’s own structure and accreditted partners, is a reality dedicated to working on four main fronts: production, training, therapy and research.

•Production: the Keope GPR structure is produced entirely in Italy.
•Training: training courses to the top level of Proprioceptive Global Resonance; training courses for operators of the Keope GPR.
•Therapy: at authorized Keope GPR centers, at the University Partners and in accredited sports medical centers.
•Research: at the AM Centre of research, at the CNR Centro Nazionale delle Ricerche, at the University partner and in accredited medical Centers.