Keope e Leonardo

Since 2013 Keope GPR has, with full right, entered the annals of history, after being officially selected by the Commissione Pontificia of the Museo delle Macchine di Leonardo Da Vinci as the only invention of the 20th Century to be on permanent display in the museum, on the first floor beside the extraordinary reproductions of the Italian renaissance genius.

The first meeting between Keope and Leonardo Da Vinci came about on 2 June 2013 and was the design of the Italian ambassador in Abu Dhabi, Giorgio Starace, who during the festivities of the celebration of the Republic, wanted to match Keope  to the display of the machines of Leonardo Da Vinci.
Keope incarnates the values of Leonardo’s genius and encompasses the four greatest expressions his talent:

1. ART: Keope is a strikingly aesthetic machine, and as a result of its functional design, it was recognised by MOMA in New York where Keope was present from 2007 to 2008;

2. MECHANICS: Keope is a machine that works through mechanical modulation produced by 10 electric motors co-ordinated by an electronic brain. And, like the machines invented by Leonardo, it is an absolute novelty

;3. POSTURAL ANATOMY: Keope has been defined as the “zen of posture”. The structure is reduced to the bare essentials, in so far as no further eliminations can be made. Each support acts as an oppositional gravitary device and is designed to anatomically fit the particular body zone that rests on it, leaving the body free from functional burden and ready for the multi-focal therapy;

4. NEUROPHYSIOLOGY: Keope works by activating the motor function through the sensitivity of the skin’s mechanoreceptors, real transducers of mechanical modulations, in bio-electric messages directed through the skin to the central nervous system which, through the reflex action of mirror neurons, remaps neuromuscular function.