Keope static is an essential ergonomic structure that works through simple scientific principles. Using gravitary action, the body is put into a position void of functional pressure, with both the agonistic and antagonistic muscles in total relaxation. Diversely from other postural structures (chaise longue, sofa, deck chair…) Keope creates no compression nor alterations to the skeletro-muscular structure.
On Keope the body remains “suspended” on eight points that share weight distribution proportionately:

1. Neck zone
2. Back zone
3. Glutinous zone
4. Back of the knee zone
5. Heel zone

The lengthening of the cervical tract, facilitation of venal, arterial  and lymphatic circulation, lowering of heart rate and rate of respiration, are only some of the benefits that can be realised by Keope static.
Keope is the first purposely designed structure based on anatomical and functional knowledge of our body. Keope creates the ideal position for each individual as the structure is adaptable to one’s personal physique.

Design and Well-being

Keope creates well-being even before the physical benefits for which it was designed are experienced. It is like few other objects in the world, the perfect synthesis of design and function.
It is beautiful even before it becomes useful.
It encompasses a new concept of well-being in that it can now be defined in a physical sense as well as aesthetic…