La Risonanza Propriocettiva Globale.

40 years of research and results in the well-being of man. Amedeo Maffei’s invention marks the start of a new science.

The miracle of Keope has its origins about 30 years ago when, at the beginning of the 80s and after 10 years of experience studying human behaviour, Amedeo Maffei started up the Subtle Energy project. In a room in his research centre, the AM Centre in Villa Futura, Sirtori (Italy), which takes its name from his initials, he created a futuristic room equipped with sophisticated apparatus to apply the therapeutic method invented by him and to measure the results obtained by this therapy. It was in this way, through its two souls of therapy and research, that the Subtle Energy project laid the foundations of a science which many years later would be called Global Proprioceptive Resonance.

The apex of the studies is represented today by Keope GPR, the first ergonomic proprioceptive resonance structure.

Keope GPR is a unique product that can make available, in therapeutic sessions of just 12 minutes, all these scientifically proved to benefits of global proprioceptive resonance.