Until Saturday, April 30th, 2016, Keope will be present at the Pevero Golf Club in Porto Cervo – OT, during the league “THE TEACHERS”, as an official partner of the PGAI.

Throughout the event our proprioceptive ergonomic structure Keope will be used by the Masters and other golf players, to improve their performance during the PGA Championship and the Masters Pro AM Costa Smeralda TCI.

Thursday, May 28th, ” Clinic Day” will be used to determine postural dynamics and the

other effects that Keope produces in golfers such as the improvement of aim, postural rebalancing, the strengthening of the antigravity muscles and improved overall performance.

The measurements will be obtained using   TrackMan Golf and K-vest.

Read the report on Keope effects on golfers (Tests carried out on March 8th in collaboration with PGAI)

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