Keope GPR is an ergonomic structure with essential supports positioned in corporeal areas with a high density of mechanoreceptors.

Its electromechanical activity applied to the ten gravitational opposers and managed by a multi-control programme allows the neurosensitive system to be activated, thus giving a physiological response with a broad therapeutic spectrum.

Keope GPR is an innovative system based on the conception of proprioception: exteroception, psycho sensory proprioception and interoception.

The structure uses a “holophonic” sound system, a “cutaneous resonance” system and a “fully functional load free posture in global decoaptation”.




Correct posture is the “soul” of well-being. Through working on posture, we can improve the psycho-physical balance of man and rediscover harmony.

One of the most common physical problems is back ache. Back ache concerns the whole area of the spine, and is a debilitating  disorder and difficult to cure in as far as it can result from a variety of factors. In evolutionary terms back ache is the price paid for the transition from all fours to an erect position. This transition has brought about a long series of postural and positional adaptations which evolution has taken into account over millennia.  Human beings have discovered how to adapt slowly to the changes that have modified their natural posture. This is one of the reasons that back pain is not considered just as an pathology, but as a natural state resulting from a permanently erect position.

The ideal posture in which we can rediscover  the condition of skeletal equilibrium, is that in which our body can develop, free from strain or mechanical pressure. Keope’s ergonomic structure reproduces the foetal position itself: it reduces strain, with joints  in a state of decoaptation (released), the body is void of function and the support points are reduced to the essential, thus avoiding  excess pressure and promoting  venal, arterial and lymphatic circulation. Keope creates the ideal position for each individual. It can be adjusted to meet the individual physique of a person.

Through a correct redistribution of weight and body tension, Keope GPR allows a person to achieve correct functional balance  through all the different parts of the body to the benefit of the vertebral column and the muscles of the back. Keope GPR’s action works on the spinal column and pelvic muscles, correcting any eventual postural defects, altering the curve of the spine (scoliosis) and alleviating the effects of hernias, lumbago, neck and back pain.



Proprioception is the perception of oneself in space. Proprioception assumes a fundamental  importance in the complex control mechanism of movement. It is evident in the capacity to perceive and to recognise the position of the body itself in space and in how one’s muscles contract, even unaided by visual sense. It occurs through the presence of specific receptors, sensitive to variations in the body’s posture and of different areas of the body that send their own specific signals to particular parts of the brain.
We can then define proprioception as the entirety of the messages sent to the central nervous system from specialised nerve endings (proprioceptors), located in the joint capsules, in ligaments, tendons and muscles.
Prorioceptive capacity is due to the interaction of three factors:

• exteroception, namely the perception of all that is outside of our skin, via our five senses (the “outside”);
• interoception, namely the perception of our internal side, via internal proprioceptors (the  “inside”).
• imaginoception, which distinguishes us from animals and which influences everything that we perceive with our senses (the imagination).

Science has observed the mechanoreceptors extreme sensitivity to mechanical modulation. With appropriate frequencies Keope’s stimulation has the capacity to activate various mechanoreceptors that, through an effect called “driving” sets the neuromuscular system resonating. The mechanoreceptors activated in this way send a message to the mirror neurons, those that copy and transmit messages to the cortex. Which then send the signal back to the nerve tissue putting into action the muscular apparatus.




Music and sound condition the exteroceptive tissue on which our life evolves
On Keope GPR the exteroceptive signal is guided by a voice and sound modulations that synchronise each proprioceptive sensor with the treatment. The sounds that bring you closer to nature’s breathing and the guiding voice that stimulates your imagination are an indispensable support for getting results from the multi focus mechanical modulation.

The sounds and the guiding voice, transmitted by high quality stereo speakers, make a decisive contribution to stimulating the skin mechanoreceptors.
The images they evoke provide powerful support for the dynamics of your emotional state.




Mechanical modulation  is the most natural way to wellness.

The positions of strategic support which bear the body are the most suitable zones for modulation, which works by stimulating the skin’s mechanoreceptors (through the driving effect) at several points on the muscular system.  Under these conditions the modulation, of modest band width and targeted frequency, works with precision on designated points with no undesirable side effects.
Mechanorecetors are micro structures present in the skin in different concentrations over the whole body. Keope works principally on two kinds of mechanoreceptors:

• The Meissner’s corpuscles which are found under the cutis and are activated with vibrations from 20 to 60 Hz. They are receptors that, when activated “total body”, generate the “flutting” effect synonymous with repolarisation of the muscle fibres.
• The Pacini corpuscles begin resonating with frequencies that vary between 90 and 150 Hz and are located in the subcutaneous tissue. Their stimulation determines an increase in muscle tone and in the explosive potential of the muscle.

These two different kinds of mechanoreceptors are located in greatest concentration in the parts of the body with no hair, like the palms of the hands . These zones are the points of contact through which Keope administers its mechanical stimulation.


– Re-alignment of skeletal posture
– Psycho-physical relaxation
– Lowering of stress
– Enhanced athletic performance
– Muscle strengthening
–  Blood lactate clearance after maximal exercise
– Muscle repolarization

and also…

–  Alleviates back pain
– Alleviates painful joints
– Improves lymphatic and blood circulation
– Increases creative ability
–  Improves movement control in Parkinson’s disease