Keopeworld has joined the RossoCorsa Team, a symbol long associated with the roadsters and racing cars of Ferrari’s “Cavallino Rampante”, officially taking part in the Ferrari Challenge in Valencia.

From Wednesday to Sunday RossoCorsa  Team riders used Keope  before and after they went out in, getting important results.

During the tests, the qualifications and the two competitions, in fact, the pilots used Program 2, the ideal program for proprioceptive stimulation and muscle tone increase,one hour before starting the race or the workouts.

The result was agreater lucidity and a better physical endurance during the effort.

When returning to the box with Ferrari 488, the riders, once placed on Keope, used the Program 4 for the recovery of muscular hypotonia, for the improvement of lymphatic circulation, for the recovery of the lactate and of the physical and mental fatigue.

Mr.  Roberto Jannone, CEO of Keopeworld, was in the boxes as a RossoCorsa Team guest.