The standard version of Keope Static is available in the following variations: red, white, orange.


The more discerning clients will appreciate the “Keope Static Astroceramica” model.
Keope Astroceramica is coated entirely in TiO2, therefore impervious to humidity, vapour or contact with body creams, which could easily ruin the surfaces of the structure in other materials.
Besides rendering it extremely resistant, this treatment gives a particular capacity against pollutants. Its properties are activated  by UV rays from sunlight of from UV lights (neon). This condition activates the photo-sensitive outer layer, triggering a catalytic demolition (oxidisation) of polluting volatile substances in direct contact with Keope Astroceramica.

The coating in Astroceramica (TiO2) treated in PVD, when in contact with  UV rays, activates various properties:

– antiviral and  antibacterial
– anti-mould and anti-algae
– non-toxic and  biocompatible
– greater intrinsic durability
– contributes to eliminating odours and organic elements
– anti-tarnish
– colour does not fade or change over time
– guaranteed exceptional resistance to the corrosive action of domestic chemical products and remains unaffected by the use cosmetic agents.

Keope Astroceramica’s action is gradual, continuous and limitless, in as far as its compounds, working as catalysts, are not worn down over time. Keope Astroceramica is iridescent in colour and changes according to its exposure to light. The intensity and lustre of its colour come with unlimited guarantee. The structure is particularly well suited to centres of beauty and well-being centres, SPA, gyms and gardens of private villas and to all those places where normal materials might otherwise be damaged.

The characteristics of Astroceramica have been tested and certified by various universities and research centres amongst which is the department of photochemistry at the University of Bologna, the biomaterials laboratory at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and the department of chemistry at the University of Florence.