09Sep 2017

“We are all born to win but we do not know that. The good news is that the human mind is able to awaken existing skills and make them permanent because they already belong to you. The engine in us is fantastic, it’s just a change of gear“. Amedeo Maffei […] La Gazzetta dello Sport – September […]

23May 2017

Keopeworld has joined the RossoCorsa Team, a symbol long associated with the roadsters and racing cars of Ferrari’s “Cavallino Rampante”, officially taking part in the Ferrari Challenge in Valencia. From Wednesday to Sunday RossoCorsa  Team riders used Keope  before and after they went out in, getting important results. During the tests, the qualifications and the two […]

29Jul 2016

On July 24th Keope officially entered the beautiful location of the Pevero Golf Club in Porto Cervo (Sardinia). With the arrival of Keope at the prestigious Sardinian golf club professionals and amateur golfers can benefit from treatments both before the match, to restore antigravity muscle tone and after the long competitions to recover from fatigue. […]

28Apr 2016

Michele Reale, professional golfer and winner of the Challenge Tour, Moscow Open 1997, Canaria Open 1998, as well as player for several seasons on the European Tour, tried Keope at Pevero Golf Club, during the PGAI championship. After just one treatment of 12 minutes he said: “My lower back pain, which has afflicted me for […]