Amedeo Maffei was born at Castelvetro in Modena on the 24th of May 1947. He is registered on the roll of Italian psychology and on the international roll of psychology of the American state of Dellaware. For 40 years he has dedicated his life to science and research. Visionary, eclectic, creative, but also a practical  achiever.

In the nineties, together with the Microbiology Centre of the San Gerardo hospital of Monza, Amedeo Maffei analysed the connection between the psyche and biological variations. In a room equipped with postural structures, devices to show the body’s physiological data and devices for generating inductions, capable of  stimulating the imaginative and emotional part of the brain, he conducted courses of research with more that 3,000 people collecting more than 10,000 items of data. He elaborated this into a new practice of application, based on the interaction of the three human maps psycho-electro-chemical. The results of these studies, in recent years, evolved into a new study:  “the holistics of.proprioception”.
This line of research, in development up to now, has brought Amedeo Maffei to a revolutionary invention, currently the object of various university studies and research entities throughout the world. We are talking about Keope, a structure of globally proprioceptive electronic resonance that has given rise to a new direction of applications and studies related to psycho-physical well-being.

Amedeo Maffei has always lived for a single, great vocation: to explore the dynamics of the psyche, of the mind and of their biological effects on the human body. Thanks to forty years of study on human behaviour, on the physiology of the neuro-muscular apparatus, on the dynamics of posture, Amedeo Maffei has opened the door with the invention of Keope, to a real global therapy for man: Keope, working through mechanical modulations applied to precise zones of the body rich in mechanoreceptors, offers global proprioceptive stimulation, producing amazing results across the therapeutic spectrum.
Among the innumerable recognitions he has received, we will mention only the gold medal presented by the Italian Red Cross for humanitarian merit and the Johannesburg world prize as creator of the ideal model of a prison (Bollate Prison), obtained during his work as personal consultant to the Ministry of Justice with the role of National Coordinator of Italian Prisons.

He has also published numerous works on the dynamics of the psyche and human behaviour: The Child and the Unconscious (1981); Thoughts of a Contemporary (1982); Questions to Man (1983); Son of Whom (1998). Many degree theses have been written on his works.